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Complaint. An easily identifiable chief complaint is the first step in establishing medical necessity for services rendered. File a complaint definition: A complaint is a statement in which you express your dissatisfaction with a particular... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The complaint is the official first step in the process of your divorce. The pleading that starts a case. Essentially, a document that sets forth a jurisdictional basis for the court's power, the plaintiff's cause of action, and a demand for judicial relief.. Overview. ... (= make a formal complaint… Synonyms for complaint include grievance, beef, grumble, moan, criticism, grouse, protest, accusation, gripe and objection. Certain elements of a case may be affected if the prosecution does not re-file charges in time; for example, the defendant may be released. Learn more. So this looks like it went your way. Formal complaints are assigned to a Compliance Officer for inspection. To express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment. A plaintiff starts a civil action by filing a pleading called a complaint. A case may be dismissed without prejudice for a number of reasons. You may rightfully feel that a lot has happened before you ever file the complaint, but in the eyes of the court and the state of Virginia it begins the divorce. A civil complaint initiates a civil lawsuit by setting forth for the court a claim for relief from damages caused, or wrongful conduct engaged in, by the defendant. Definition. A dismissal without prejudice does not overturn the statute of limitations. The Pleading that initiates a civil action; in Criminal Law, the document that sets forth the basis upon which a person is to be charged with an offense.. Civil Complaint. Its tough to be 100 percent sure without reading the … Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! Complaint definition, an expression of discontent, regret, pain, censure, resentment, or grief; lament; faultfinding: his complaint about poor schools. See more. A "complaint" is a filing of charges against you. A formal complaint is a complaint made by an employee, representative of employees, or relative of an employee who has provided their written signature for the complaint. plains 1. complaint meaning: 1. a statement that something is wrong or not satisfactory: 2. an illness: 3. a statement that…. The Complaint Begins the Divorce.

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