what is w grade wagyu beef

frameEl.contentWindow : (frameEl.contentDocument.document) ? The word wagyu has a pretty literal translation: “wa” means Japanese, and “gyu” is cow. But that doesn’t mean that any Japanese cow qualifies. Back to the grading… Like I said, you know of the Prime, Choice, and Select designations from the USDA but what do you do when there is such a wide variation in those grades? The regular American Wagyu beef has a BMS score of between 6 and 8 … If you are from the central coast of California, particularly the Santa Maria area you are no doubt familiar with the Tri Tip roast. Introducing the Gold Grade Ribey\', \'Agribeef Co.\']]};' frameEl.contentDocument.document : frameEl.contentDocument;var bContent = frameNode.document.body.innerHTML; if (bContent.trim().length <= 0) shrsl_loadGallery(shrs_strRNum, shrsl_gallery_str); else shrs_galleryLoaded = true; frameEl.style.border = 'none';}}, 1000); shrs_galleryLoaded){var frameEl = document.getElementById(shrs_strRNum); frameNode = (frameEl.contentWindow) ? ifrm.contentDocument.document : ifrm.contentDocument;var shrsl_gallery_str = '