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We wanted our site to reflect the journey of constant improvement we are all on—as leaders, as organizations and as individuals. In the interview, it’s clear that Simon sees as much potential and beauty in the millennial generation as any generation that came before them. Recently I found an old video from 2018 where Entrepreneur and Speaker Simon Sinek was explaining what he calls the Millennial Question. The Millennial Point. That's the question Simon Sinek set out to explain in his 2009 TEDx Talk in Puget Sound, WA. How they interpreted that was they can be anything they want in life… just because they want it. Author and TED speaker Simon Sinek dispels myths about leadership and reveals the one thing that good leaders always get right on this episode of Inside Quest with Tom Bilyeu. Have you ever wondered what’s wrong with the Millennial generation? The Best an Organization Can Get? He continues to say that given the state of things, it is now on the shoulders of company to help the employee overcome the challenges of the digital … You might have a different view of Facebook, Instagram, and Social Media after you listen to leadership and management consultant Simon Sinek share his thoughts on why working with Millennials can be a challenge. We love the idea of wabi sabi as a metaphor for the work we do. Video Summary: “What’s the Millennial question? I’ll admit, as a leader, I’ve made my mistakes with millennials. Apparently, Millennials is a generation which is a group of people who were born approximately 1984 and after. That’s the part of the pattern that I find most worrying. However impressed I was by him though, I was still caught by surprise when our interview went viral, being viewed well over 100,000,000 times. Things that come off of an assembly line, for example, are perfect, but things made by hand, like the glaze on a Japanese ceramic bowl, are imperfect. Imagine a world where almost everyone wakes up inspired to go to work, feels trusted and valued during the day, then returns home feeling fulfilled. Now with an expanded chapter and appendix on leading millennials, based on Simon Sinek's viral video "The Millennial Question" (150+ million views). That’s why I was so eager to interview leadership expert Simon Sinek for my previous YouTube show Inside Quest. I have yet to give a speech or have a meeting where somebody doesn’t ask me the Millennial question. Simon Sinek reclines in a black leather chair around a small semicircle of mostly 20- and 30-somethings. Created with Sketch. “They are accused of being entitled, narcissistic, lazy, unfocused and self … As the first generation to grow up with social media, the Millennial Generation has always been viewed as a “test case” of how social media would change our perceptions of work, play and relationships. Millennials in the Workplace. Simon Sinek, author of Find Your Why, says there are two questions you absolutely must ask when hiring Millennials. On set that day, with an audience of both millennials and older generations, the environment was electric. We believe that it is the imperfections that make it feel human, and beautiful. Interview with... Millennials: too many companies you will work for are not built to take care of you. Our work centers around this idea of life as a journey. (It makes sense why parents feel like the younger generation … Essentially, the Millennial Question refers to how Sinek was often asked, “What do we do with these Kids?” Now, to be fair, every generation complains about the one that follows. I am sorry though, you cannot answer the "millennial question" in 10 minutes or even 60 minutes. A year ago, "The Millennial Question" video went viral. Until that changes, please take care of each other. He’s actually at home now.” “Oh I’m glad to hear that.” “That was really amazing.” “I know, it was really scary for a while there.” — That’s how you form relationships. Simon Sinek Pops The Millennial Question. © 2020 Simon Sinek Inc. All Rights Reserved. I dislike the negative comments made by “leaders” about Millennials. Sinek provides examples from the success of Apple Inc., the movement started by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as well as the Wright brothers being the first to achieve powered-man flight. And they’re accused to being entitled. The Millennial Question. I guess it surprised me that he fell into vague generalizations. This article was originally published by Morning Future here.. Simon Sinek on stage at TED2014, Photo: James Duncan Davidson. And the relatively straightforward approach to unlocking that potential that he lays out in the video really may just work. “I have yet to give a speech where somebody doesn’t ask me the Millennial question,” is Sinek’s opening remark.

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