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Now that we know what lazy loading is and why we need it. Keep in mind, though, that by using this technique you have to load two images instead of one, you should absolutely test if this has a beneficial effect overall. Lazy loading of the image by calling a method in mounted So far so good. Options contain. In today’s article, we take a closer look at how we can build our own custom lazy loading image component with Vue.js. If a browser that does not support this functionality is detected, the image will still load as normal. Create a lazy-loading image component for faster Vue.js apps. when you have certain animations and transitions taking place. Vue 3 - Lazy load Image Component. If you want to take a look at the result of our work, you can look at a demo hosted on Netlify and you can check out the code on GitHub. Lazy Loading Images in VueJS is important to save bandwidth, rank your page better, improve performance considerably and provide a better User Experience, especially if your website has several images. Vue Lazyload - lazyloading images Vue-Lazyload A plugin to easy load images in your Vue apps, which is lightweight, works with any image type, you can add a loading class while the image is loading, and support for Vue 2.0 as well. It provides a set of values which can be used to configure how the image will display: Tags. - 1.1.6 - a JavaScript package on npm - It’s basically a dead-simple wrapper with slots that allows you do display a custom image and a custom placeholder. Vue lazy image and background loading plugin. Summary. It allows you to load images only when the user can actually see them. Lozad.js. One possible approach would be to use custom directives to handle lazy loading on regular tags. Register for the Newsletter of my upcoming book: Advanced Vue.js Application Architecture. Preview: Changelog: 06/05/2018. Usage. 06 vue-tiny-lazyload-img - A small size Vue.js v.2+ directive for lazy loading images. It’s pretty common practice nowadays to use lazy loading techniques to delay the loading of images until they are visible. Before we get started: there already is a perfectly fine solution for lazy loading images with Vue.js: Vue-Lazyload. Follow me to get my latest Vue.js articles. vue-lazyload documentation, tutorials, reviews, alternatives, versions, dependencies, community, and more Keep in mind, though, that not every browser (most notably Safari) supports the Intersection Observer API yet, but Lozad.js degrades very gracefully by simply loading all images immediately if the browser does not support the Intersection Observer API. - hilongjw/vue-lazyload Deferring to the browser when support is available and otherwise loading a polyfill such as Lazysizes is a solid approach to performant, responsive images. Vue Lazyload (opens new window) is a Vue.js plugin for lazyloading image or component. ImageItem.vue. Chúng ta sẽ gọi file này là ImageItem.vue. However, I’m a huge fan of components because they’re very flexible and they enable us to easily add further functionality in the future, if we want to. That's why I created v-lazy-image, a Vue.js component that extends the tag API and applies lazy loading. But in order to load the image in the background and have it displayed only after it is fully loaded, we need to use a bit of Javascript in the